Our Farmers/Developers

Pedro Schambon 
Farmer/Software Developer-CEO

Pedro co-founded My Father’s Farms in 2006. My Father’s Farm produces a variety of vegetables and herbs year-round. Pedro is a certified organic vegetable and herb farmer with GAP/GHP and FSMA certificates. Mr. Schambon holds an accounting degree from Lindsey Hopkins Technical College. He is also an IOIA accredited Organic Inspector and Practices Tech.

The inspiration for Pro Farmer Software Solutions arose from Pedro’s experience in agriculture since 1980.  Over the years, Mr. Schambon realized that record keeping was much more difficult than it needed to be and set out to create a solution to make these tasks less of a hassle.

With the help of the Zoho’s software platform, Pedro is now able to make the same solutions that he has developed easily accessible and widely available. Fill out a contact form today to receive more information about how Pro Farmer Software Solutions can help you!

Roxette Casarez
 Farm Operations Manager

Roxette was born and raised in a small town in Southern Texas. She grew up with the idea that farming was a man’s job, but time and time again her passion for agriculture proves that idea wrong.

Roxette is now the Farm Operations Manager and has been working with My Father’s Farms since 2012. In that time, she has learned all of the aspects of organic farming, from tractor operations,  packing produce to laying irrigation systems and much more.

Since 2017, Roxette has been training the other farm staff on integrating Pro Farmer Software Solutions into daily operations. Ms. Casarez knows firsthand that Pro Farmer Software Solutions will help farmers to log their daily duties and comply with USDA requirements.